Metal Delta

Build your own metal Delta Printer!

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Build in 5 hours!

Build in 5 hours!

It takes about 5 hours to build this kit. The part count is kept to a minimum, screws thread directly onto the metal parts, and parts were designed to allow quick and easy mounting of hot ends, extruder gears and pinch wheels, carriages, and belt tensioners.

Steel Frame

Steel Frame

One of our design goals was to make a kit that is easy to design with, scalable, and inexpensive to manufacture. We decided to use hot rolled steel as the material of choice. (It has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than aluminum, wood or acrylic.) We laser cut our patterns, then we CNC bend and powder coat each part to perfection.


  • Easy Build

    We have painstakingly studied many various iterations in the design to simplify your build experience. The part count is greatly reduced, and the bends were designed to maximize utility and improve rigidity. Carriages rollers utilize Open Build’s eccentric spacers and precision delrin wheels. Some features are a single piece top frame and bottom frame; a 1-piece effector which will lock the hotend securely in place and hold 3 cooling fans; Aesthetically designed motor mounts and carriages; snap on precision carbon fiber arms. You will not find an easier delta build than this!

  • Precise and Durable Parts

    A lot of our parts are made from hot rolled steel. Each piece is cut with a laser, precision CNC bent, tapped, powder coated, and then manually inspected. The result is a very rigid and precise frame which allows you to crank up your speed while maintaining accurate and quality prints.

  • Hack, Upgrade, and Expand

    The Metal Delta is reprap based, and was designed to be compatible with many popular reprap parts such as hotends, belts, pulleys and extruder gears. We also offer various upgrades such as silicone heat beds, 0.9 degree nema 17 motors, dual extrusion hotends, and 32 bit controllers. We’ve expanded the use of your delta to laser engraving and light cutting as well.

  • Bundled Software

    Each kit comes with a FREE 1-year commercial subscription to Autodesk® Fusion 360™ (Limited time offer; subject to applicable terms and conditions). Fusion 360 is a powerful product development tool. It will allow you to 3d model and print your designs on our printer, but it will also do a few other things such as CAM programming, simulations, rendering, and animation. The Metal Delta is also compatible with many slicers and hosts, among which are Repetier, Slic3r, Cura, KISSlicer, and many various others.

  • Tested

    Before releasing this to Kickstarter, we had twenty 3d printing experts independently build and test The Metal Delta themselves. The provided us with feedback on rigidity, ease of build, functionality and aesthetics.

  • Support and User Group

    Join our user group! Post a question or provide an answer. We have some of the most experienced users online until the wee hours of the morning!

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