Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see the printers in person?

  • We have received many requests to see our printers in person. As much as we want to accommodate everyone, it's not possible at this time without severely interrupting our operations/preparations for our Kickstarter campaign. We hope you understand. We will, however, be setting up a booth at the Orange County Mini Maker Faire on August 17, 2013. If you will be in the area, come and check us out!


What materials can the Kossel Clear print?

  • The Kossel Clear can print with PLA and ABS, but a heat bed is required in order to print with ABS. In addition to that, it should be able to print with nylon, laywood and flexible filament as well (although we haven't tested beyond PLA and ABS yet).


Will the Kossel Clear be open source?

  • Yes, we plan to make it open source after all our Kickstarter pledges have been fulfilled.