MTB Sealant


Sold Out

Ride with confidence, through nails, cacti, jagged rocks, and spines! – in the snow, desert, or street!  Blue Eagle Labs' specially engineered sealant is formulated, tested and made in the USA. and has been through rigorous testing in extreme environments and temperatures.


Instant Plug

Punctures are sealed instantly to minimize pressure loss. Our sealant cures when exposed to the outsideand melds with the surface of your tires, effectively replacing any lost material from the puncture and keeping your tires intact. 


Withstands 6mm Punctures

We have tested our sealant with spikes, screws, nails, cacti, glass -basically anything sharp that we could throw at it!


Freeze Proof

Our sealant is freezeproof up to -20 C -perfect for harsh winters!


Good for 8 months

Less maintenance! We have tested our sealant to last up to more than 8 months before tire refills are needed!


Environmentally Conscious

We have made the commitment to plant a tree with every purchase. We want our kids and grand kids to enjoy the sport and have enough nature left to shred on.