Metal Delta KS Campaign Update #19 Packing and Kitting May 12 2017, 123 Comments

Hi Everyone,  

Some of you have started receiving your kits, and are looking for instructions. We've outsourced the creation of the instructional videos, and they're still working on it, so please hang in there (especially for 1st time builders). 

If you're an experienced builder though, feel free to start building away. It's simple enough that you'll probably figure out how to put it together, and if there are any questions, the forums are there, and we're on it all the time.  

So for those that can't wait, what we can offer right now is to share the F360 files so that you guys can view them and sort of figure out how things go together from there. It's by request so drop us an email if you want to go that route. In the mean time, we're waiting for the hotend replacements to get here. Boxes are laid out on the floor and we're populating them by batches of similar orders.


BEL Team :)