Metal Delta KS Campaign Update #14: Sheet Metal Parts scheduled to ship by the weekend February 27 2017, 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday!

Things are moving along, although slower than expected. There are a few things that were a little bit “off-plan”, which we would like to report to you:

1.     There were a few changes in the packaging plan. We figured that instead of shipping everything together, then repacking them into sets individually here in the US (which would take a lot of time and labor), we could get you the parts much, much faster if they prepacked the sheet metal sets there. That would require them to wrap each part individually, group and box them into sets. They will also be building a crate for it. This change is causing them delays. I was texting them via viber last Thursday and they’re still packing the goods into the individual boxes.

2.     The weight of the total shipment along with the new packaging is going to be about a quarter ton, and would have to be shipped via sea. Which means transit times could take about 3 weeks. Initially we thought that shipping it via air wouldn’t be a problem, but the LCD screen and tray that we decided to include as a stretch goal came out to be very heavy, and space occupying. This made shipping via air prohibitively expensive. Being the only alternative, we went ahead and booked with a popular sea freight forwarder (Royal Cargo). They will be a one stop shop service that will make sure that everything ships on time, goes through customs smoothly, and that everything is insured. We were told that the cargo will be done packing, and ready for consolidation and loaded by this weekend.

That's all the updates we have for now. I would like to thank each one of you again for your patience with this project’s fulfillment. We're hoping that this is the last delay for the project, and we're doping everything we can to make sure that it is. :) If any of you have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section, or email us. =)