Smart Lock 1-3/4" Door Reinforcer


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This door reinforcer makes smart deadbolt locks more secure and effective by strengthening the most vulnerable part of entry doors.
  • This door reinforcer makes entry doors more resistant to damage and forced entry attempts.
  • Adding this steel plate under a smart lock reinforces one of the weakest spots in home security: the hollowed-out part of entry doors that supports the deadbolt, where there is the least amount of material on the door.
  • This product is sized and painted to work with some of the latest smart deadbolt locks from Eufy and other brands (check dimensions for best fit).
  • Unlike other similar products, this door reinforcer is taller and provides more surface area to fit smart locks more securely.
  • This door reinforcer can also be used to repair and fortify damaged doors.
  • Designed by Blue Eagle Labs in California for standard 1-¾" thick entry door