Acrylic Production, Printed Parts, New Space, and New Timeline February 07 2014, 3 Comments

Hi everyone,

We have a couple of updates:

Acrylic Production:

This past 2 weeks our shipping has been very limited. We had problems with our laser ventilation and cannot cut continuously. We have just been recently able to resolve it. We have made a deal with a local space for them to let us use their laser. Now we have the original 60 watt universal laser plus an additional 50 watt epilog laser at our disposal.

Printed Parts: 

We are currently looking into molding rather than printing parts. This will allow us to make parts faster and more consistently. We will continue using our printers for the printed parts, but as soon as the molding is figured out, we will try and shift to that manufacturing method.

 New Space:

As some of you guys may know, we are borrowing warehouse space in Arcadia, while using our garage in Irvine for staging and packing. The garage got too crowded too fast, and driving up to Arcadia has become too cumbersome. We were able to rent out some space for very cheap. The space is very bare, just some shelves, fold up tables and chairs. We will make sure we spend as little as possible and be as lean a startup as possible. Total amount we have spent on the shelves and tables/chairs is less than $500. (yay Costco!)

New Timeline: 

The small issues that have come up, such as the need for an extra laser and the need for more space may seem trivial, but they do cause delays so we try to hold out on our current methods as much as possible, until it is absolutely necessary. That said, here are new deadlines we have set for ourselves:  

Kickstarter Batch 1: 3rd wk Feb (Top Priority) 15 units  

Kickstarter Batch 2: Last week of March  

Kickstarter Assembled Units: Last Week of April

Website Pre-orders: 6-8 weeks lead time for new orders. For earlier orders, please email us at if you would like an update on the the status of your order. 


While the local manufactured parts are causing the delay, we would just want to remind everyone that the rest of the parts for your printers are here, and there is very little risk of us not delivering. While timeliness may be an issue, the longer you wait, the better the product gets. 


Blue Eagle Labs Team

P.S. Thanks to everyone on the Kossel Clear Forum who have helped move this project forward. You guys have been a great help to us in providing assistance to the newcomers. You guys are awesome!