Quick Update February 26 2014, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,


Just a very quick update…


Batch 1:

We have shipped out all but 1 order last Monday. The last remaining Batch 1 kit had incomplete shipping information, which was just resolved yesterday, and we will ship it out today.


Batch 2:

We will resume shipping the batch 2 orders this week. Our goal is to ship 10 a day, but right now we are still having issues with the printed/molded parts. The quality is not where we want it yet. We are in talks with a local manufacturer that will help us produce the molded parts right away. They have a fast turnaround and can supply all the remaining parts in a few days. We are on track for shipping all of batch 2 by the end of March.


Assembled Units:

We have one assembled unit and 3 in production. We have just trained an extra person to help work on the assembled units and are in talks with another individual to help out. Our goal is to ramp up the output to 1 per day.   


Website Orders:

Hang in there!! We haven't forgotten you! We are shipping yours right after batch 2 (independent of the assembled units timeline).



We have made arrangements to outsource the written instructions. Please be patient with us on this. Regarding the audio on the youtube videos, the latter videos do not have audio yet. We are still producing the audio for the remaining videos.