April Update April 21 2014, 6 Comments

Hi everyone,

A couple of updates:

New Extruder

We have released a new extruder with the kits that are going out. We designed it so that the Bowden tubes run up as close to the bearings as possible to prevent the filament from popping out. We also moved the notch that the binder clip catches farther from the pivot point to allow more springiness. This will make it perform better for print jobs with multiple retractions. Lastly, we made it out of acrylic and screws. The idler has an M8 screw holding the bearing in, so the bearing won’t wiggle around like before. Having laser cut pieces will also ensure that the idler bearing is always perpendicular to the filament. This last modification means that the Kossel Clear now has 0% printed parts in its BOM.


All the parts necessary to build this have been prepacked in a small plastic bag, so you will know exactly which screws and parts will be needed to put the extruder together. Photo instructions are on our website. We also have a short instructional video for the extruder on Youtube.  


If you have received any molded extruder parts, please let us know and we will send you the updated acrylic version.



Video Reshoot
The Kossel Clear has evolved since we started the project, and we needed to update the build instructions and make it easier to follow. We got some help with reshooting a new set of instructional videos from start to finish. We already have some episodes up on Youtube, and will hopefully finish uploading everything by next week.


Written Documentation
The Wiki is coming along, but we are also expecting a complete written guide on how to build the Kossel Clear. ETA is 1 month.


Batch 2 Kits
We’ve been shipping a lot these past weeks, at this point, we have about 8 kits left to fulfill for batch 2. To the last 8 who have not received their kits yet, we are unable to send them off because of a shortage in Misumi extrusions (we damaged a few sets last week). We have ordered replacements from Misumi, which will arrive 1st week of May. If you cannot wait for Misumi extrusions to come in, we could offer Open Beam upgrades for $20. This offer is for everyone who hasn’t received their printers yet (assembled, batch 2, and web orders).


Assembled Units   
As we have stated in a separate update before, the production of assembled units are separate from the kits. We split our team up to tackle these orders separately. We have built a handful of printers from start to finish, and are calibrating them. The current obstacle is packaging. We have been going back and forth with a local packaging company asking them to design packaging which will ensure that the assembled units are protected (see below pics). We drop tested it last week and we need to go through another revision of the foam cutting die, then another 10 days for production until we have the packing material ready.  


In assembling the units, the team has decided to build the remaining printers as an entire batch rather than individually. This means all the remaining printers will be built at the same time. Doing this will allow us to delegate the subcomponents that need to be built to more people (i.e., 1 person in charge of lower brackets, 1 other person in charge of electronics, another for belts etc..). Those that work part-time will be able to help build their subcomponents at home after work, and they are free to ask their friends to help out if they wish. This will speed up deliveries for everyone.  


So where are we exactly? All the acrylic subcomponents are built, and all power supplies are attached. We have yet to complete the electronics wiring, and hotend/extruder subcomponents.





Website Orders
There are about 35 website orders remaining that are all Misumi extrusions. As mentioned earlier, Misumi said they'd have the parts in by May. We can confidently say that we can get all 35 out in 1 week, so please expect your kits to start shipping very soon.


We’re Almost There!!!
If you haven’t received your printer yet, we just need a little bit more patience from you. We are sorry for the delays, and we are thankful for all the support you guys have shown us. If you are currently building right now, and need some help, please try the forums first, and if you do not get the help you need, please email us so that we can help you.


Have a great week ahead! :)


 - Blue Eagle Labs Team