June Update June 07 2014, 1 Comment

Hi Everyone, 

We've been soooo busy! Here are some updates:


All but 5 pre-ordered kits have been shipped. We expect the forums to be very busy soon, so thanks again to everyone for being so helpful with fellow builders! :) You are truly awesome!


Assembled Units

The custom packaging has been finalized, ordered and received.. We're shipping the 1st 4 units this week, and hope they get to their destination in one piece. :) 

We don't think that the calibration will be spot on when it reaches the destination, but we are hopeful that it won't be so bad. Before we send out the printers, we test the electronics, then manually calibrate, and also calculate the z probe offset. We have it print for a few hours, then when everything checks out, we send the z probe offset to the recipient, and we store it in the sd card (if they ordered an LCD). Oh and yes, we will ship them with Marlin, rather than Repetiere.

That said, we are still asking you guys to be diligent enough to pursue the manual calibration process before they use their machines. At this point, nothing beats a manually calibrated printer.

In terms of time frames, the extra help that we hired had decided to pursue a job with a bigger company…so this kind of throws us off a bit. We will be looking for replacement help, right away. All the assembled units are physically built up. What's still yet to be done is the installation of the electronics and calibration. If you have a burning need to know how your printer is doing, or where we are in the build, please contact us via email directly. Since the printers are in different stages of completion, there's not one date that we can pinpoint. It is best just talk to you guys 1 on 1. 

We know it's taken a long time, but we hope that we still have your trust that we are working very diligently to get these printers built properly, and shipped out as fast as possible.Here are some pics. Please forgive the clutter in the background.





Blue Eagle Labs Team