Stuff we've been working on November 15 2014, 3 Comments

Hello Everyone!

It's been so long since our last post.. Since then, we've been able to fulfill all the backlogged printers, took a few small vacations, had time to relax and recollect, and then went right back to tinkering. Here's an update on what we've been working on:



  • We redesigned the acrylic parts to reduce part count, and got rid of (almost) all the 3mm pieces
  • Some acrylic parts are also heat bended as in the picture
  • For the print surface, we used a round borosilicate glass with a silicone 110V heater (max 140C)
  • We're using magnets dabbed with thread lock (for grip); but we may revise this method. The point was to have the glass be easily removed for easy access to the electronics.




  • We used magnetic ball joints and fastened them to the bigger acrylic effector plate with nylon nuts.
  • Printing PLA with a direct bowden and all metal setup is difficult, so we are also looking around and testing a few all metal hot ends.
  • For the rods, we are using aluminum instead of carbon fiber. It's easier and cheaper to manufacture.


  • We simplified the carriage design and are now using 6mm acrylic. It's a LOT more rigid, and a lot easier to put together.
  • Notice the custom delrin V rollers. The objective here was to keep it light with just 1 small bearing.
  • We also decided to keep the adjustable screws for those that want to calibrate manually.


Let us know how we did. If we missed anything that deserves to be upgraded, just drop a comment here or on our forum. We intend to make the ball joints and arms, the rollers and carriages, and the heated bed available as an upgrade to the original KC.