Magnetic Ball Joints Upgrade How To: February 02 2015, 1 Comment

Hi Everyone,

 Here are some instructions on how to install the magnetic ball joint upgrades:

  • Peel off the protective layer from the acrylic.



  • With the “M” engraving facing you, drill in the screws for the belts (M3 16 or longer) all the way in. Make sure your torque setting is at its lowest.



  • Drill in an M3-10 screw in to part “N”. Note the orientation of the part.


  • Use and M3-14 screw to secure it on to the faceplate.

  • This is what it should look like:


  • Throw in the ball joints!


  • Secure them with some nuts. You may also throw in some washers to sandwich the acrylic if you want!


  • Throw in the M5 nuts, add spacers, and add the wheels and secure with the nuts. (The wheels are to be taken from your old carriages, they’re not included in the upgrade purchase). Make sure that you install only 2 wheels at this point.



  • Position the assembly into the edge of the extrusion, then affix the 3rd wheel and tighten appropriately. 

  • Here’s another picture of the assembly on an open beam extrusion:


  • After installing the 3rd wheel, it should look like this:


  • Attach the ball joints onto the new effector and secure with bolts.


  • Undo the rods, put a drop or 2 of threadlock.



  • Attach the rods..


Congrats, on your upgrade! Remember, you will need to manually calibrate the machine afterwards :)


Coming soon: How to install the 110V silicone heater and round Boro glass