Metal Delta KS Campaign Update #2: Halfway through our campaign! =) August 19 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

We are moving into the 2nd half of our campaign! Thanks again for all your support! Please tell your friends and family about our project, and please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ =) 

First, We’d like to invite you to join our google groups forum at!forum/blueeaglelabs. This is the primary resource for you in getting support for our 3D printers. We have some very smart experts on there from our previous project! It’s a great community, everyone is real friendly and nice (some of whom have become our friends and business collaborators as well! ).

Secondly, we need to tell you why our project is different from a lot of other 3D printer Kickstarters (which perhaps was not explained well in the KS page). Recent 3D printer Kickstarters have come in at really low price points, and thus making it very lucrative for a lot of people. The Kickstarter prices others have offered are sometimes even lower than what we would expect to get directly from our suppliers. Which means that some of these projects are probably working with very slim margins (or maybe even none at all!) That seems to be problematic, and it is probably the biggest reason why a lot have failed to deliver. 3D printers are inherently complex, with many parts that need to be sourced from various origins, tested individually, then tested together, and then eventually need to be shipped to the same warehouse and kitted, awaiting its final delivery. With a project this complex, something is bound to go wrong – be it the supply chain, the design, or the quality and specs of the parts. 

There needs to be a buffer. We realized this on our first project back on 2013. While we priced higher than other printers, it was comfortable enough that we didn’t need to pull our hair whenever a tracking number doesn’t update on the USPS/UPS website. Since 2013, prices have dropped even further, with newer printers trying to differentiate with lower price points. As a result, Kickstarter has been littered with unfinished 3D printer projects. Our goal is to reduce the risk for you, even if that means a slightly higher price point. Yes, the higher price point makes it less lucrative, and we would expect a lower funding amount as compared to other KS printers, but it’s a good and honest price. It’s a price point that does not put the backers at risk, and is yet justified by the design and quality of the product. So we just want to thank you for being the awesome backers that you are – for being the ones that don't jump at the lowest price, but rather evaluate decisions based on value. Your pledges are safe with us. =) 

This weekend, we will begin ordering the smaller parts for your printers (for the early birds). We will use some leftover funds from our previous Kickstarter for this initial procurement. Parts should be here in about 2 weeks. 

We will also begin taking inventory of the parts that we already have at hand such as the v-slot extrusions, borosilicate glass, wiring, and a few other smaller items. (We do have a lot of filament on hand too, and are contemplating offering them up as a reward. What do you guys think?) 

We are also contemplating adding a few extra parts to the kit that might make the build easier for you. (For example, we are contemplating laser cutting an additional piece of steel which can be used as a jig when lining up your extrusions. )

Our short term goal is to have all the parts (with the exception of the sheet metal parts) on hand by Sept. 10. 

That’s it for now, please let us know if you have any questions. =) 


Blue Eagle Labs Team