Metal Delta KS Campaign Update #7 - Some Delays September 25 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,  

Hope you all had a good weekend!  

On Monday we received the funds from Kickstarter, and we have been able to order:  

• The electronics boards  

• GeckoTek base and plates  

• Haydn’s Arms  

• Custom silicon heaters for the GeckoTek

This week we will be ordering:  

• Motors  

• Bearings, wheels, belts and pulleys  

• Hardware  

• Hotends  

• And hopefully the sheet metal parts!  

As you may know, we thought that the funds would have dropped into our account sooner than it actually did. The most time crucial order are the sheet metal parts. The factory took on a larger job, and could not agree to prioritize our order because of our relatively smaller quantity. Unfortunately, this sets us back a little bit. They would not be able to run our order for another 2 weeks, and it would take them about 2 to 4 weeks more to manufacture, inspect, paint and pack and ship the goods. So as not to delay the non-early birds, we decided to have the factory run production for both batches all in one go. It won’t affect the sequence by which we fulfill our kits though. Basically, we hope to be shipping the early birds around the end of next month, then shortly after, we will ship the non early birds.

Parts ordered last week should start shipping the coming this week and the next. Once we get them, we will start prepackaging them into your kits so that as soon as the sheet metal arrives, we can just drop them in the bigger box and ship out. 

We’re sorry for the delay. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. (The fastest way to contact us would be by email, since it would go straight to our phones)

Have a great week ahead of you!  


Arn :)