We're back on Kickstarter with a souped-up all metal printer! August 04 2016, 1 Comment

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to announce that our second 3D printer project - the Metal Delta - is now live on Kickstarter. Here's the page:


Here are some key features of the Metal Delta:

  • All Metal Frame/Design – made of hot rolled steel; very rigid and allows user  to 3D print designs with superior accuracy and precision
  • Easy Build – part count is kept to a minimum, screws thread directly onto the metal parts and parts were designed to allow quick and easy mounting of hot ends, extruder gears and pinch wheels, carriages, and belt tensioners
  • Large Build Volume – at 250mm diameter x 280mm height, it has one of the best size to cost ratio compared to other delta printers on the market
  • Comes with a FREE 1-year commercial subscription to Autodesk® Fusion 360™ (limited time-offer; subject to applicable terms and conditions)
  • Lots of Upgrade options: Laser Engraver, Dual Extrusion, Ultra-Precision Magnetic Ball Joints, GeckoTek Bed, High Resolution Motors
  • Tested by experienced 3D printer enthusiasts/experts, some of whom were  backers from our previous Kickstarter

Pledges for the Metal Delta start at US$499 for a basic PLA early bird kit and US$549 for a basic ABS early bird kit. We expect to start fulfillment by September 2016.
Please share our project with your friends and family!


BEL Team