Minimalist Shelf Brackets


Designed in California, all our products are unique and original. Numerous hours have been invested designing and perfecting these shelf brackets’ every bend, measure and curve. Through various iterations we have finally achieved the optimal balance between its heavy duty functionality and its unique aesthetic and very minimal design. The best combination of material, texture, and design ergonomics will complete your wall’s look and feel. Congratulations on such a wise choice!

100% ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE: This bracket design cannot be found elsewhere. We developed and designed it ourselves and no one else sells them. Our design goals were to maximize load capacity while minimizing profile and visibility.

100 LB Max Load per shelf: The geometry and thickness of the brackets have been simulated and tested to withstand heavy loads. When screwed into you wall’s studs, it will hold 100 lbs or weight. Note: Boards not included - please pick boards appropriate for the weight capacity you require.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our brackets are proudly designed in the USA. These are made from precision laser cut, 4mm thick, high-grade steel. Our brackets are finished with a rich matte black or white powder coat - made to blend well with your interiors and accent walls! 

Compact yet Extremely Sturdy: While some brackets uncreatively distribute the weight of the shelves through the thickness of the material (i.e. “L” shaped brackets), our design distributes the weight through the width of the steel making it extremely stable and sturdy.

Sleek and Sturdy: The bends accentuate the lines, and reveal a curious geometry which are both functional and aesthetic. The folds allow the grains of your board to reveal itself even when viewed from

EASY TO INSTALL: These shelves come complete with all hardware and drywall anchors. Fix these brackets to any wall at your office, garage, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home!

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