SRF MNT - Surfboard Surf Wall Racks/Mount/Shelf/Storage with Utility Hooks


SRF MNT is designed in Southern California with two things in mind: aesthetics and functionality. It allows your surfboard to float on your wall in a non-obtrusive manner and will look good in any space with any theme. Our mounts are made of 3mm steel, pressed and formed with 25 tons of pressure, and coated with a luxurious matte black finish. Unlike others that are made of aluminum or wood, ours is made to last.The EVA foam grip secures your board from slipping and scratching.

(EAN: 7426869710370)

★ STEEL, NOT ALUMINUM: Durable and sturdy. Made from 3mm steel coated with an elegant matte black finish.

★ EVA PADDED: secures board from slipping and scratching.

★ LOW PROFILE / MINIMALIST: Extends only 166mm off the wall (6.5 inches), allows easy access to your boards

★ INTEGRATED HOOK DESIGN: Features extra hook for leg rope, towel or other surf paraphernalia.

★ EASY INSTALL: All hardware is included.

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