Haydn's Carbon Fiber Arms


with CNC Precision Machined Delrin Sockets

Available in 215mm, 288mm, 304mm, 360mm, and 400mm ball center to ball center lengths!

We can also custom build up to 600mm ball center to ball center lengths (*Lengths from 400mm to 500mm are customizable in increments of 10mm).

This fully assembled Precision Magnetic Arm Delta Solution comes with:

  • 6 carbon fiber rods
  • 12 precision machined Delrin cups with embedded magnets
  • 12 ball studs

All arms are precisely assembled, and hold tolerances of less than 50µm (ball) center to center dimensions using custom jigs.

All Magnetic Holder Cups are precision machined from black Delrin. Delrin has great material properties for 3D delta applications: It has high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction (reducing energy loss through friction). There is no need for lubricants, and will reduce overall noise on your delta.

All joints are also tested to at least have 1.5 kg holding force on each end.

The Chrome Ball Studs are cleverly designed with hexagonal base for easy tightening and standard M3 threads that would easily adapt to popular carriage and effector thread sizes.

Carbon fiber is the choice material for the rods, which have a high strength to weight ratio.

NOTE: For custom orders, please make sure to add a note with your preferred arms length (e.g., 520mm, 600mm, et c.)


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